Hazardous way of Road Crossing

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People cross the main road in front of the City Railway Station walking through the broken dividers, which is against the law.

Pedestrians cross the busy road in front of the KSR Railway Station/City Railway Station in the Majestic area by walking through the broken dividers of the median.

According to a student named Chetan, “Crossing of the main road in such a way is illegal. In the subway provided behind Majestic Bus Terminal 2, people are there to sell things so there is no space. The subway is very far from several locations”.

According to a fruit stall owner outside the Majestic Metro Station, Sunil, an overbridge/footbridge is being built by the BBMP to cross the road. However, due to the delay in the completion of the construction of the bridge, the problem of crossing the road like that is still there.

According to the Police Inspector of Bangalore Traffic Headquarters, Anil Kumar, “It is the duty of pedestrians to cross the road safely. You cannot expect the Traffic Police to be everywhere at every time”.

According to the Transport Department of Karnataka Rules and Regulations 1989, under the section ‘Caution to Pedestrians’, it is illegal to cross the road either by walking through the barricades or by jumping over the barricades.

According to a traffic adviser and consultant, Prof M N Sreehari, “Unless and until the subway provided is maintained with proper security, people will not use the subway. After 2-3 km, a crossing has been given. Hence, it takes very much time for people to cross the road. So, wherever possible, a proper crossing pathway should be given.

Prof M N Sreehari also says that proper implementation of the law, i.e. penalizing the citizens for the crossing the road illegally, should be implemented.

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