High tension wires that go above housing societies pose a threat to the residents

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High tension wires pose threat to residents

More than 40 people have died due to high tension wires in Yashwanthpur area, says BESCOM officials

Bangalore:  Residents staying in Yashwanthpur area complain that the high-tension wires that pass near their homes causes problem. They complain that the wires constantly make a buzzing sound that irritates them a lot. Ms.Archana Mani, resident of Best county in Yashwantpur says,” When we came the wires were already here. The society manager said nothing much to bother but every now and then birds or people get injured or electrocuted.’’

According to a survey done by the Karnataka Power transmission Corporation Ltd, there are more than 7000 buildings in the city that are built in violation of the rules by the electricity board.

Mr. M Chiranjeevi, Assistant engineer, BESCOM said, “These high tension wires are here from more than 40 years and these housing societies have come later.” There are many houses that are built illegally and it is the BBMP who is responsible, he added.

As per the officials the height of thehigh tension  wires  from  the  ground  should  be  12  meter  and  across  the  line, it  should be 2.3 meters. If the wires are in less than one meter radius then it is very dangerous.

Experts say that stricter laws should be imposed to keep a check on constructions at such places. Mr PavanSai, Urban Planner said “Even if the buildings arebuilt after the high tension wires being therefor years it is BBMP who has to approve construction at such places and now blaming thehousing societies doesn’t make sense.”


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