Home Isolation Tracking a ‘hit’ in Bihar

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Health care workers in Bihar find it easier to monitor patients in home isolation with the new HIT App.

The Home Isolation tracking app launched by the Bihar Government on May 17th is making it easier for field level workers to provide adequate medical services to the Covid infected patients.

Rina Kumari, a health care worker trained to monitor and register the details of home isolated patients said, “Every day we have to visit patients and check their health status. We have been trained for using this app.”

The app is made to ensure that healthcare workers can keep a track on the health of COVID-19 patients in the state who have been advised to isolate at home.

Dr Prem Kumar from the PHC, Sadar, in Bihar Sharif said, “The ASHA and other health care workers visit the residents of home isolated patients every day. They check and note down the temperature and oxygen levels and upload it in the HIT App. We specifically in Bihar Sharif have 180 ASHA workers involved in this, and this varies according to places.” 

During the launch, the Bihar CM, Nitish Kumar said that health care and ASHA workers will conduct home visits and update patient data on the application and this data will be monitored at district level. 

If the situation of any patient is critical, the healthcare workers will be notified through the app and will shift the patient to the nearest hospital for treatment.  

Ranjan Kumar, the assistant director of the IT department from State Health Society said, “This app is not to be used by the patients, this is for the government employees so they can keep a track on the health of the patients. We provide them with the list of patients, the workers go there and register data on this app.”

Although the government has not released any information regarding the number of registered users, they have mentioned that the details are filled according to the active cases. The State Health Society said around 80,000 ASHA and health care workers are associated with it and the state government is focussing on increasing the numbers.


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