Hosakote Bus Stop lacks basic amenities like a shed, waiting area for passengers

Published on November 6, 2023 by

Without proper implementation of bus stops in Hosakote, passengers board buses on the National Highway.


Bengaluru: Due to inefficient facilities at the Hosakote bus stop, the long-distance buses stop at the National Highway. Passengers find it challenging to wait on the highway without a proper shed or waiting area as many of them carry luggage.

It becomes chaotic for the passengers when they are unable to board the buses because of overcrowding and the bus cannot stop there for a longer period due to heavy traffic on the highway.

Kavitha, who lives in Hosakote has faced similar issues. She said, “It is really difficult and risky for us. If one bus arrives, sometimes we are unable to see it because of the crowd and traffic jam. There is always traffic in that area because people stand on the road waiting for buses, which leads to slower movement of vehicles.”

According to the KSRTC website, there are buses at regular intervals at this stop which also consists of interstate buses. The closest bus station is one km away but only local buses use it. The KSRTC helpline says that the official stop for KSRTC buses is on the highway and there is no other proper stop in the Hosakote area.

Isaac from Green Designs Company who is an urban transport planner gives a possible solution as he says, “The bus shelters need to move out from the main road. They need to be at least on the service road or deviate from the main flow of traffic. This way people could easily board into those public transports, standing a bit away from the main road. There will be fewer accidents and the traffic which flows to the city will not be hampered.”

Experts say the proper planning of the bus stops in the city needs to be taken care of. With the proper implementation of bus stops, people won’t have to wait for buses on the main road and there will be an ease to the chaos caused by traffic as well.


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