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Bypoll elections on Shivajinagar is scheduled for 5 December 2019. There is a total of 40 candidates including Rizwan Arsad from congress, Tanveer Ahmed Ullah from JDS and M Shravan from BJP are on the fray. These candidates are going home to home and trying to convince the votes.

BJP candidate M Sharvana said that he will focus on the development of the area. He promised that all people irrespective of caste or religion the benefit of the government schemes. Since the BJP has formed the government, it performed brilliantly.

Rizwan Arsad, Congress candidate said that people of all religions, caste, and culture leave together in Shivajinagar. Shivajinagar is itself s mini India and BJP is trying to divide it. He urged people to vote for secular values.

Tanveer Ahmad Ullah, JDS( Janta Dal-Secular) said that BJP used illegal means to form the government and people would teach BJP a lesson this time.

The Residents of Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore are facing many problems including water crisis, sanitation, etc. people say that BBMP is not collecting garbage on time.

  1. Kumar, resident of Shivaji Nagar says that he has got the BPL( Below poverty card) but not getting proper facilities. From ration stores, he is only getting Rice. Many times he complained but no action was taken by authorities.

People also say that they are not getting the advantages of government schemes: Many families did not get the gas under Ujjawala Yojna.

Last but not least, Residents of ShivajiNagar want a stable government. People were not happy with political drama which happened in the month of August.

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