Incomplete projects, rising complaints in the city

Published on February 5, 2019 by

Complaints are on the rise against builders in the city

The complaints registered against the builders in the city are on the rise. More than 600 complaints have been registered against the builder in 2018 on Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

The residents complain of their respective builders leaving the projects incomplete and not providing the amenities mentioned like the clubhouse and swimming pool. “The environment surrounding my apartment is very pleasant but the builder has promised certain amenities which he hasn’t fulfilled, like the clubhouse which was to be done two years ago isn’t complete still. The leakages in the bathroom are horrible, the kitchen floor and the construction quality also isn’t proper,” says Arun Hegde, a resident of Akshaya Nagara

The residents of Westend Heights in Akshaya Nagara say that there have been complaints and cases registered against the builder but the situation remains the same. “The situation has been the same since 2010. We have been having problems of the builder not fulfilling the amenities,” says Moiunddin Khan, a resident.

The official data on RERA suggests that more than 600 complaints have been registered against the builders. The officials say that the number is on the rise but the Builders Association of India said that the situation isn’t the same with every builder. “Not all the builders are the same, some might have a genuine reason of not fulfilling the project and some might be rogue builders, hence it is difficult to give a single reason,” said S.Madhusudhan, head of communications, Builders Association of India in Bangalore.

“We receive more than 3000 complaints including the complaints from RERA. The number of complaints is on the rise as the residents now feel the necessity to make sure that their project is completed before it is handed over to them,” said Pushkar, a legal advisor from Myadvo, a legal redressal forum.



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