Incomplete students’ records on SATS website

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The Student Achievement Tracking System (SATS) portal does not have completed reports of students. This makes it difficult for the government and parents to keep track of students.
The Govt. School teachers find it difficult to maintain the records of students on the Student Achievement Tracking System. The teachers complained about the training given to them is not enough to maintain the computerized records.
Dhanalaxmi, headmistress of a govt. school said, “Most of the teachers here are from a rural background and we don’t know properly to operate software on computer. A one-week workshop was organized but it was not helpful for us.”
The student Achievement Tracking System tracks students’ academic achievements, attendance records and executes an online transfer of certificate. All the records of a child from the admission of the child have to be maintained on the website, this makes the government and parents keep track of the students’ performance, and helps the government to improve the quality of education in the govt. schools. The State Scholarship Portal (SSP) is linked to SATS, which provides scholarships to the students whose bank accounts are seeded with the Aadhar. So, the students not registered under SATS lacks the financial aid provided to the Aadhar seeded bank accounts under the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).
Rekha R, Block Resource Coordinator, Education Department said, “In some schools, teachers are only experienced in teaching. But without the SATS record nothing, either the Transfer Certificate or admission can happen. It is an important document that has to be kept for school. Even if the child does not go the school, we see either he is going to some other school or staying at home. We want a particular document to make sure the child does not stay at home and go to school.”
Many schools in the city have records on ledgers instead of updating them on the website as the teachers do not know to operate the computers. Whereas, in some schools, teachers have hired computer operators to maintain the records.
Vedavathi, an Educationist said, “SATS is very good and important because it has complete records of students from 1st standard so that parents and government can have the data to track the performance of the students. But the government has not allotted the d-group employees to the schools to maintain the records. Many teachers do not know to operate the co computer. It has become an extra burden on them. The government should appoint at least one computer operator to each division to maintain the records.”
Meanwhile, the teachers are struggling with this problem.

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