Increase in ‘family-issues’ suicide cases

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The NCRB report of 2015 shows that there was an increase in suicide rates in 2015from 2014 due to family conflicts.

 The data from the National Crime Records Bureau says that there was an increase in the number of suicide cases due to family issues in 2015 by 27.6%.

According to Dada Pir, a street shop owner in K R Market, “My uncle committed suicide because there was a lack of support from his family and there were other family problems as well”.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, the number of suicides due to family issues was 28,602 in 2014 but it reached 36,928 in 2015.

According to Aditi. V, a psychologist, “One of the main reasons for suicides due to family issues is lack of support from the family. Another reason for suicides due to family affairs is unsatisfactory married life. Nowadays, both men and women work so they are not able to spend time with each other. If families of the man and the woman show enough support by asking about how their day was then that would make them feel that the family has a concern about them”.Banu Prakash, a neurosurgeon, says “One of the main reasons for the suicides is the depression of the person. So, the family, friends or relatives must be aware and they can help the person get out of depression by asking for him or her, as in to make them feel happy”.

The psychologist says that meditation is a useful exercise to keep the feeling of suicide at bay.

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