Insufficient amount released for Government School Maintenance

Published on September 28, 2019 by

Government schools are paid only 12,500 rupees under the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan for the maintenance of school and necessary accessories for every 100 students per year. Schools complain that the amount released by the government is insufficient for maintaining and are demanding an increase in funding.

Government schools are receiving 12,500 rupees a year instead of the mandated 25 thousand for maintaining school infrastructure and conducting sports and cultural events for students> This has lead to students of these schools being left out of most events organized at the district and taluk level.

Mrs. Dhanalakshmi, Headmistress of government school in Hosahalli said, “We organize many events and exhibitions to students where we teachers contribute amount and conduct these events. There will be sport events organized in other schools for travel allowance also we need to pay from same fund which is impossible.”

Students studying in these schools have requested the government to increase funding so they can participate in events and extra-curricular activities without paying out of their pocket.

According to government circulars (please link one) Rs.25,000 should be released for government school to maintain toilets, cleanliness and other activities of students. Mrs. Malathi Gowda, BEO of Bangalore South says, “Government has fixed Rs.25000 SSA funds for government schools but we receive Rs.12500 every year, it is decision by government to release funds after budget is finalized”.

Educationist Mrs. Upkari Rani said, “Government should release the allotted amount as mentioned in circulars and B.E.O. should conduct inspection and take required measures to ensure funds would reach the schools in time and rights of children should be protected by government”.

Teachers have requested the government to immediately release funds for the maintenance of these government schools in order to provide students the facilities they require.

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