Jalaamrutha: An initiative for sustainable water sources.

Published on February 28, 2019 by

The government launched Jalaamrutha, an initiative to rejuvenate existing water bodies and creating new watersheds. The initial plan is to rejuvenate existing 1400 water bodies by delisting them and create 12,000 check dams in next 2 years.


H.D.Kumarswamy, Chief Minister of Karnataka launched Jalaamrutha, an initiative for water conservation, especially in rural area. The budget of Rs. 500 Crore was allocated in the budget of the fiscal year 2019-20 for the effort.

Shri Krishna ByreGowda, Minister of Rural and Panchayati Raj said, “Water is very essential, thus Jalaamrutha will provide an opportunity to save water thorough water harvesting. It is a great initiative as it is a mass movement that will involve every individual to save water. It will benefit many farmers.”

Jalaamrutha will be a community-driven movement that will include Gram Panchayats, Taluk Panchayats and Zila Panchayats, schools, colleges, NGOs, government departments, farmers, research institutes and every individual living in the area. The Department of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj launched Jalaamrutha programme with investment of Rs 500 Crore, allotted by the Government of Karnataka. They are planning to rejuvenate 1400 water bodies across Karnataka in rural areas.

D. K Shivkumar, Minister of irrigation, “The initiative will be taken under the central government scheme of MGNREGA”.

The initiative will include creating awareness among people about the value of water, its smart use, and methods to preserve water. It will also include water harvesting by rejuvenating existing water resources and by creating new water bodies.


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