Kalaripayattu, grows popular in the city

Published on February 28, 2019 by

Kalaripayattu grows popular in the city especially over the past years, many women show interest in the art form. This art form is most preferred by women.

“In a class of 100 people 60 to 65 people are girls and women.” said Krishna Pratap , Owner of Parusharam Vallabhatta Kalari Sangam. He adds, “Women choose this for fitness, improve flexibility, balance, reduce stress and also for self defence.”

In the recent times, this art form is gaining popularity especially after advertisements. “A few years ago, not many people knew about Kalaripayattu.  But now, a lot of them come to learn this art form from different fields like school children, IT sector employees, house wives,”said Krishna Pratap, Secretary General of Karnataka Kalaripayattu Association.

It’s not just women who are choosing this art form, but even children are going for the classes.” I am planning to join the classes in a month or two, will join as beginner while my kid is in the advance level. I have seen around 3 to 4 ladies at this centre who practice Kalaripayattu,”said Soumya MN, a housewife from Doddakallasandra.


Kalaripayattu is an age old martial art form that belongs to India, originated in Kerala. Kalari mainly focuses on inner energy and has health benefits. People wish to shift from gym culture. “When I started the academy very few women were a part of this. Now there are six women in who are practicing this art form at my academy. Since two years there’s an increase, an enquiry of minimum five to six per week, they are interested due to a variety of skills taught in the form,” said Chandra Mohan owner of Chandraji Vallabhatta Kalari sangham.


The practice of applying oil on the body before the class is not possible in the city due to the cosmos culture, people are hesitant says Chandra Mohan. He adds there are few differences in the way of practicing the art form compared to the practice in Kerala like no mud grounds for practicing Kalaripayattu.


It has many benefits for the mind and the body. “I started the classes when I used drop my children at the academy. Some of my friends are interested in this art form. It helps mind to stay strong, body fitness,” said Mini, a student at Parushuram Vallabhatta Kalari Sangham.






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