Leaking government water tanks in K Gollahalli village.

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Residents of K Gollahalli village face water shortage due to leaking government water tank.

Filling bucket of water from the government water tank and carrying it to his house Krishnappa says, “Village is facing various issues one of that is drinking water problem, for farming and other purposes we use bore water but for drinking and cooking purposes we use water from government tanks. Due to leaking tap and pipes, lots of filtered water gets wasted and when in need, we could not get water from the tank as it gets empty”.

These government tanks were built under Mini water supply scheme. It is responsibility of panchayat to construct and maintain the tank constructed under this scheme. “From 3 months tank is leaking and I have complained to panchayat but still no action being taken”, says Jagdish Lingappa.“At least forty percent of the tanks in the village needs repair as water is leaking from them through damaged pipe or broken tap”, he added.

Government official says “maintaining public infrastructure is community effort, what we can do if we replace old with new taps and it gets stolen very next day”.

“There is damage in water tank taps and we panchayat members made sure, that it has been brought to his notice in recent meeting”, says Sri Muniswamy, Ex-president and current member of K Gollahalli.

Mr Mahesh K N, president of K Gollahalli panchayat, said that there is lack of fund, once we will get sufficient fund, we will repair the leaking tanks.

Puneeth M N, Assistant professor VKIT, teaches environmental studies says, “Leaking of tanks definitely not good for villagers as well as for environment, as we have only one percent of fresh water in our planet”.

Panchayat failure to give time bound assurance will compel peoples like Krishnappa to face shortage of water, due to leaking taps of tanks.

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