Leaky pipes contributing to Bangalore’s water woes

Published on February 4, 2019 by

Older pipes in the city have become rusty which is causing water loss and contamination of water.

Manjunatha. S, Public Relations Officer, BWSSB said “Out of 1,400 million Lts of water being distributed to the city, 37 percent is non revenue water which leads to the loss. The problems are majorly due to old, leaky pipes and faulty meters.”

Bangalore Water supply and sewerage Board (BWSSB) said most of the pipes that are leaking are present in the Central Bengaluru.

“We receive very less amount of water is very bad in quality which effects us. This has caused hair loss to few people in our family. And kids have also fallen sick due to poor water as they used to complain of stomach ache quite frequently,” says Venkatesh. S, a resident in Bharat Nagar

“The cases of waterborne diseases are increasing in the city. We receive very bad quality of water which can cause lives of young children as well as older people. The common problems that people come up with are Typhoid and Cholera which happens due to contamination of water,” says Dr. Satish, a general physician.

“Ductile Iron pipes (DI) do not have the age factor as compared to Iron Cast pipes (CI). Leakage happens around due to some pressure variations. We rectify it by using mechanical joints. If contamination happens, it is attended within 24 hours by the BWSSB workers,” says Tejas. S, Assistant Engineer, BWSSB

The Environment Management and policy research institute says that 40 percent of the Cauvery water does not reach the city as the pipes are leaking.

BWSSB recently faced a problem of water haemorrhage where due to power failure, the water which is heading towards the city comes back to the pipeline with full force which may rupture older pipes.




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