Madrasa that is breaking stereotype

Published on April 8, 2019 by

Banathulmomineen, an institute for abandoned girls so that they can be empowered.
Bengaluru: Banathulmomineen is a Madarsa that not only gives Islamic education but also
encourage girls to study Maths, English, Kannada and other vocational trainings.
Zohaib Khan the owner of the Madarsa said, “This Madarsa was established to support women
from downtrodden family and empower them. Its moto is to inculcate Islamic studies and
general studies amongst Muslim girls and promote the responsibility of a citizen.”
The Madarsa acts as a residence of 60 girls who are either orphan or abandoned by their
families. The vocational training in the Madarsa includes computer, tailoring and English
speaking course.
Tasneema Begum, a student of the Madarsa shared her experience of living in Madarsa after
her parents passed away, “My sister lives in Australia and has kept me here to study. This
institute not only gives us Islamic education but also helps us to keep pace with the world
around”. She also said that in the evening they also play sports like Kho Kho and Kabaddi to
keep them entertained.
Parveen, the warden of the Madarsa said that she is in this Madarsa for past 3 years and she
prepares the menu keeping the nutrition in mind. She said that they are served with chicken or
mutton everyday and are also served with vegetables.
This Madarsa has prohibition of singing and dancing but students are allowed to watch news
channels and Islamic information channels on television.


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