Mural Arts Journey from Street Walls to Homes

Published on March 19, 2019 by

Increase in the demand of Mural paintings

Murals have been in the eyes of every Bangalorean. Now, when the government has allowed the artists to draw murals in public spaces, the murals can be seen on most of the public spaces like different metro stations across the city.

Some of the metro stations that have the murals are Chikpete, MG Road and Ulsoor.

Yash Bhandari, a Chief Fun Operator from Art in Transit, says “We are a public art collective that works under Shristi Institute. Talking of the murals in public spaces, the artwork in the Chikpete metro station is restricted to murals depicting Chikpete as a historical site and the famous market. One of the pieces of art at Chikpete is known as Karga Mural, which is the oldest annual event in Bangalore that happens at Chikpete.”

Murals are making the city more beautiful both from inside the spaces and outside them. However, Not just public places but people also want Mural art on the walls of their homes. Parul Kanodia, an artist from Bengaluru, says that “Mural makes a place unique because there are no two Murals alike. Restaurants and homes are demanding for this art form more nowadays. Murals are exclusive, and so is the number of the artist for it. That is what is good in this art form.”

Simple designs take around one or two days and more than that for complicated designs. The prices for these Mural Arts on the wall at home, start from Rs 20000 and some of the artist charges around Rs 600 per square feet for the Art.

Abhinav, a Student, saysI find murals fascinating. They convey a message to people. Murals inside metro stations have increased the beauty of the stations from inside. Of all the metro stations, my favourite is Cubbon Park.”

Shubhanshi Mishra, a customer, says, “I paid around Rs 30000 for mural art at my home. I got the idea of having a mural from the public places. I contacted an artist and had it done. I am so fond of them that now I am planning for my other room as well.”

Murals have been dominating on all the art forms for a long time, and now it is making way into people’s home as well.

Kruthika Ramesh, a freelance architect says, “Mural art on public spaces is an amazing initiative. Not only does it promote art and culture in the city. Through these murals, people can understand that they have to maintain public spaces as equally as they would maintain their own homes.”


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