Music Therapy- A Way to Treat Mental Disorders

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The Indian Journal of psychiatry shows how Indian classical music helps treat mental disorders.
Reported by Shreyas Vange
Wednesday, 27 November 2019, Bangalore

Bangalore: A research by the Indian Journal of Psychiatry shows how Indian classical music helps treat mental disorders.
According to Deepak. D, a professor, “I suffered from Insomnia. Doctor-prescribed medicines didn’t help me. Then I heard about music therapy. I started listening to Indian classical music and there have been positive changes inside me”.
According to Aditi.V, a psychologist, “Music is an effective coping therapy to mental stress. I would recommend people to experience music therapy. With its continued use, people will feel tranquiled and relaxed”.
According to the research of the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, every element in the universe originates from a sound vibration, so music can harness the human mind. Music has the power to quench mental anguish, and it is that form of art, which is very easily accessible and has instantaneous effects on one’s mind. The swaras Sa, Ma, Pa of the Indian classical system are compared to the sounds produced by peacock, cuckoo and heron respectively. Music cleanses the person from within and helps mind achieve new potential giving new dimensions to meaning of life. Although, music therapy is not very widely practiced clinically, its healing effects have been known to mankind since time immemorial.
According to Meenakshi Ravi, a counselor of music therapy, “Indian classical music is very complete. It is very spiritual. Music therapy helps to forget the ups and downs of one’s health. It elevates our level of consciousness”.
The psychologist also mentions that different ragas in the Indian Classical Music like Raag Bhupali, Raag Baageshree etc which help to treat mental disorders.

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