Nominations for upcoming by-poll elections 2019

Published on November 18, 2019 by

Reporters: Sumaya Junaid, Mehak Khajuria, Priyansh Verma, Kavitha

Today was the last day to file nominations for the upcoming by-polls on December 5th 2019.

Tanveer Ahmad Ullah from Janata Dal, Rizwan Arshad from congress and M Sharavana from BJP file nominations for MLA elections from Shivajinagar Constituency.

Tanveer Ahmad Ullah will contest elections for the first time. He gathers major support from youth and emphasizes on the development of the constituency. Former Chief Minister Mr HD Kumaraswamy extends his support to Tanveer Ahmad in a political rally at Shivajinagar constituency and appeals to the public to vote for JDS.

Likewise BJP leader K. Gopalaiah files nomination from Mahalakshmi Layout Constituency at RTO Rajajinagar. Minister of Primary & Secondary Education S. Suresh Kumar says, “BJP is a working party and the voters have transcended the caste-based outlook they had. Therefore, we are hoping for the best.”

Also, Jawrayi Gowda of JDS files nomination in Herohalli BBMP ward office.

There will be a tough compensation between the major political parties. Citizens anxiously await the elections.

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