Passengers travel without tickets in reserved coaches in trains

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Despite heavy fines and punishments people still, travel in the reserved compartments without the relevant tickets.\

BY Kavitha.R

Bangalore, 29 August 2019, 10.00 PM

Bengaluru: Passengers buy unreserved tickets and travel in the reserved compartment. One of the passenger Keerthi K directly said that “she normally book a reservation ticket, and before 2 years she was going with unreserved tickets in reservation compartment. Sometimes she used to pay fine to TT also.

The minimum price for reserving a ticket is rupees 200. During major festivals general compartments are full. The minimum penalty for traveling with a general ticket in the unreserved compartment is rupees 250.

Railway official Venkateshwara N said the number of people traveling in sleeper coaches without reserved tickets was 9,268 in 2018 and it had gone up by 10% in 2019. According to the South Western Railways, Bengaluru; in the month of July and August 2019, the number of people booked for not taking tickets was 3,086.

Passenger R Hariharan Subramaniam said, “The inconvenience created by the passengers with the people who travel in the reserved compartments are many. They don’t cooperate with the people who are already traveling with the reserved tickets. In every specific station, we will find a group of youngsters getting into the train and making complete nuisance to the people who are already traveling”.

Railway inspector C Chengappa said the maximum penalty for traveling without a ticket is 1000 rupees and 6 months in prison. NS Shridharamurthy, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, South Western Railway Bengaluru said, “here we got some complaints about passengers taking general tickets and traveling in reservation compartment, only if there is no space in general coaches they will entering into the reservation coaches. We are not treating it as a loss because all of the berths in reserved compartments are filled and point of inconvenience caused to the customer who has paid for the reserved berth. So these people will enter and we are trying to correct that by ticket checking and imposing penalty.

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