PCOS cases increase during lockdown

Published on November 12, 2020 by

Cases rise by 20 to 30 percent, gynaecologists cite no physical activity and stress due to pandemic as reasons.  

Mumbai: Women in the metropolitan city of Mumbai are experiencing some major issues with their monthly menses. Gynaecologists say stress due to pandemic, change in lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are some major reasons for rise in consultations for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). 

Housewives and mothers are emotionally distressed at home due to overload of work, says Dr.Priya Shah, a gynaecologist in the city. Sudden confinement of the young adolescents in their homes, final year examinations and uncertainty regarding their future are all psychosomatic effects leading to PCOS. 

Dr. Shubhada Neel a gynaecologist who consults at Neel Clinic says, “If I am seeing 30 patients in a day, out of that six patients have complained of irregular periods during the lockdown. It is a lifestyle disorder and the cases have seen a spike during lockdown.” 

According to a report by Metropolis Healthcare, one in five women suffer from PCOS. It is a result of symptoms such as irregular or prolonged periods, excessive hairfall, lack of physical activity, increased facial hair (hirsutism) and a number of hormonal imbalances. Farhat Atchia, 21 year old who just completed her BMS degree from Mumbai University faced similar issues. “I had massive mood swings they were like, very different from how I am usually. And then my sleep cycle got disturbed, I had acne issues.”

Dr Shubhada adds that women with PCOS have a weak immune system. “PCOS results in obesity, which in turn is a comorbidity for many diseases such as heart problems, hypertension, diabetes and even Covid-19, especially for women in the older age group.”

Studies show that 9 percent to 36 percent women deal with PCOS in their lives. Experts recommend a nutritional diet and a healthy routine to deal with the issue. 

“Finding stress buster activities is very important. Getting PCOS checked and keeping an eye on your weight are essential for tackling PCOS,” suggests Dr. Pundalik, Head of Gynaecology Department, K.J. Somaiya Medical College,Mumbai.



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