Pottery Industry In Crisis Post Pandemic

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Pottery Industry In Crisis Post Pandemic


Priyanka Ghosh                                                                25/2/2021

 Pottery town in Bangalore is in losses due to the reduction in number of buyers post the pandemic.

Bangalore: Potters residing in Pottery Town say that they have suffered a loss of 50 percent in their overall profits because of the less number of customers. They could not sell their products which includes terracotta, clay and other hand crafted pieces.

Irrespective of this they are still optimistic and are waiting for the summes to sell their products because most  weddings  and other festivities happen in summers.

  1. Muralidharan , a potter by profession said,”We are going through a most difficult phase right now as we are not getting enough buyers and at the same time the demand is also very less. Moreover we are also lacking in proper raw-materials and even if some of us are getting but it is too costly.”

Krishnamurthy who is also a potter said,“I have been into this pottery industry for the last 30 years. Also the people nowadays doesn’t want to purchase the pottery items as compared to the plastic ones. Because of all these reasons, we are having a tough time but still irrespective of  these, we will continue to work since we have been into this profession for generation.”

Even the customers have their own perspective.              


Ramanujan Subramanium, a student by profession said,”I don’t like to buy the pottery items as they are costlier and pretty much delicate. Also one needs to handle them a lot more carefully so instead of this I would rather prefer buying electronic or other plastic products.”

      Thus we see that the pottery industry needs a plan for its survival until the pandemic gets over so that it can flourish once again.

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