Rent Agreements Become More Agreeable Online

Published on May 25, 2021 by

Department of Registration and Stamps says they get more than 300 requests per day for online rent agreements as it is more convenient during the pandemic.  

Mudra Sharma was looking rent a new house. However, she was worried to go to a government office to do her rent agreement. “There are so many people in the rent registrar office. I did not want to go there and expose myself to the virus,” she said. She thought she would wait till the covid cases come down. “I was ready to wait, but then I came to know that you could do this process online,” she said. “It was quite convenient, even without the pandemic, it is quite easy. There is no need to stand in lines, you can do everything through your laptop,” she said 

Tenants and homeowners in Mumbai need not travel to government offices to file their rent agreement papers as everything can be done online. Earlier, tenants had to go to the offices with their brokers to register their rent agreement. This was getting difficult due to the lockdown and the pandemic.

The Department of Registration and Stamps said since the launch of this facility in May 2021, they are getting over 300 registration requests through the online portal per day from Mumbai. In all of Maharashtra the number of registration requests per day run up to thousands. 

A government official comes to the houses, to take the biometrics and completes the paper-work. Once that is done the soft copy of the rent agreement is generated within three days. Jitesh Manjhrekar, sub-registrar officer, Department of Registration and Stamps, said that he is getting more requests for rent registrations through the portal since the pandemic began. “When we first launched the scheme not a lot of people knew about it. But now the awareness is increasing,” he said. He added that they go to the person’s building, they come down and then they take their biometrics. The brokers send them the photographs and Aadhars through WhatsApp, and they start drafting the agreement.

Debabrata Basu, Head, Home Owners Association Navi Mumbai said that while this is convenient, there is a lot more work to be done. “The website still glitches. Sometimes it doesn’t load, or the biometric doesn’t work and then you are left hanging,” he said. 

The association said that once the glitches are dealt with, then the process will get even faster. It will also help people who are unable to go to government offices even after the lockdown. 

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