Residents concerned about safety from the open storm water drain

Published on September 21, 2019 by

Residents of Shammana Garden are concerned about their safety due to unfenced storm water drains near Vrishabhavti River in pipeline road area. The unfenced drain has resulted in several tragic accidents in the past. These fences, few people from the locality accuse, are cut by the residents themselves to dispose the garbage in the drain. Yaseen, a resident of Shammana Garden said that, “It is because of our mistake this fence is open. If we close the fence, it will be good for us or else there are more chances of tragic accidents happening here.” Recently a 5 year old kid named ‘Mohammad Zain’ slipped and fell in the drain; he lost his life as he was trying to dispose garbage. “My son was playing near the Arafat Mosque from 10 am. My son then went to throw the garbage and did not return from there.” said Gulshan Tarz , the mother of a child.

The police have looked into the matter of unsafe stop water drainage, after this tragic incident. The Uparpet police sation DCP,B.Ramesh said  “Where the drainage is there, the BBMP has put the fences and somebody has cut the fence and from there. They are throwing garbage; the possiblity of slipping is because of the steep slope.” The BBMP has allocated approximately rupees 1200 crores for the development of storm water drains this year. Yet, the locals complain about the poor quality of the fencing which makes it easier for people to cut them. “There should be a hard barricading, so that nobody goes there people won’t be removing, otherwise they will fall in the pit” said Mr Vinayak Murthy, a civil engineer. The locals of the area however demand the authorities to provide better fencing in order to prevent such incidents from recurring.

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