Residents of Gandhinagar, Bengaluru still awaits the Underground Parking Lot

Published on January 16, 2020 by

The construction of the three-floor underground parking lot near Freedom Park has been delayed for more than one and a half years now.

The thousand-slot underground parking lot near Freedom Park was set to be constructed by September of 2018 but has been delayed. BBMP now plans to complete the project by March 2020.

Ms. Srilakshami, Assistant Executive Engineer, BBMP says, “The tender for construction was allotted in 2015. But the work got delayed due to rock-cutting and plans to be completed by March this year.”

About 80 crores were allotted for the project in 2015 which is aimed at decreasing traffic density since the area faces frequent traffic jams.

Mr. Vijay Kumar who owns a shop in the area mentions, “The vehicles parked on the road makes the road single lane causing the traffic jam.”

The reason for the delay is a massive rock that had to be removed.

“The government should make sure that it inspects the site before allotting it for any project to avoid any delay and financial losses,” said V. Ramesh, HOD, Civil Engineering Department, Rajarajeshwari College.

Any project for the public benefit has to be carefully formulated and executed otherwise these kinds of delays will continue to take place.

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