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Road accident cases have increased in Bangalore since last year.

Road accidents have increased by 13.39% in 2019. From Bangalore Traffic Police’s latest report the death rates by road accidents have increased as compared to past 3 years by 19.31%.

The traffic ACP says that violation of rules by people is the main cause of the accidents.

Ramesh KN, Assistant Police Commissioner, South End Circle said, “These commuters do rash driving and they drink and drive as well which results into accidents. This kills them and other people too. Every now and then they violate traffic rules. These are the major reasons for the accidents that happen.”

According to the latest statics of road accidents released by Traffic Management department the cases of road accidents have increased from 4,100 in 2018 to 4649 in 2019.

Chinamay Anand, Commuter on Vijaynagar said, “The roads are not well constructed. There are many uneven potholes. Some roads do not have proper street lights and it is difficult to travel on those roads. The police are also not available on many junctions for monitoring.”

In 2019, 766 people died in road accidents where 67% deaths were reported by two wheelers.

The cases for people getting severely injured by road accidents have also increased by 12%. In 2019, 4200 people were reported to be injured.

MN Sreehari, advisor to government on transport said, “The major reason is with the drivers. They do not wear helmets or seat belts. They violate laws. Police has increased the fine they are doing their part. It is the commuters who should take care of this.”

Even after the implementation of the MV act, and several campaigns and workshops organized by the government and many NGOs, the city has seen no major difference in the number of road accidents.

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