“Safe Karnataka” – A Barefoot campaign

Published on April 8, 2019 by

In this campaign, people will walk barefoot as the organisers want to show the urban people, the pain and struggles rural people have to go through without footwear.

“We are hosting this campaign to make sure that we meet shortage and excessive use of footwear. This campaign will be carried out barefoot because we want the urban people to experience the pain and struggle rural people have to go through without footwear.” said Krishnappa Kumar, member of Campaign “Safe Karnataka”

They requested the government to include free footwear in their budget

“As you go hundred km away from city, you will find many rural places and slum areas where they do not posses footwear. Students walk barefoot to school and at many times they get hurt. This summer the temperature is rising higher so we doing something different by distributing footwear.” Said Sunil Kumar, member of Robin Hood Army

The members of the campaign have also requested the people to donate old footwear to people living in rural areas, instead of throwing it away.


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