Sankranti gets an eco-friendly turn

Published on February 1, 2019 by

Local markets in the city tune to customer want and get new options this festive season

This festive season many customers choose to turn to eco-friendly products and are happy with a variety of products like cane baskets, mud pots and much more available in the market. After the plastic ban, non-plastic products like cane baskets, paper bags have been trending in the local markets of the city.

“Distributing “Ellu Bela” is the tradition that has been practised for a long time in Karnakata during Shankranti.  Every year we wish to try new containers to distribute Ellu Bela. The cane baskets are a new way that has been trending this season,” Vinushree a customer at Malleshwaram market, said. She added, “Using nature-friendly items is better way of carrying forward our traditions along with a creative touch.”

“Many customers of mine have turned the eco-friendly way and give orders for cane baskets and eco-friendly containers. This year I had received an order of 300 to 400 cane baskets for Ellu Bella distribution by customers. It is the highest in two years since I initiated the eco- friendly products,” Likhitha Babu, a shop owner at Malleshwaram market, said. She added that Sankranti is the most important time for her to address all her customers’ wants and cane baskets are in demand this year. The plastic ban has also made the shop owners aware of the importance to provide new and creative options to our customers.

“Sankranti is a harvest festival as well as the time when the Sun moves toward the northern hemisphere. The tradition of distributing Ellu Bella is a balanced mix of ingredients; sesame, gram dal, jaggery and peanut. This mix is good for our health and rejuvenates us from the chills of the winter season. It is also helpful to cure the disease that our bodies are easily prone to in the winter season,” Dr Basavaraj Iijeri, said.

“The sale this year for cane baskets and Ellu Bella is high and customers are really happy with a variety of options available to them this year,” Shankar B, a shop owner at Malleshwaram market, said.

“Using options like cane baskets as an alternative to plastic containers is help provided to nature as these products serve for a long time and easy to dispose of due to their faster degradable quality,” Akshay Heblikar, an environmentalist, said. He added that using these options also add to the revenue generated from the rural parts who are the main producers of such items.



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