Sex Education: not a part of school curriculum

Published on March 14, 2019 by

“There is no workshop in our school related to sex education. We get the information from friends or the internet. There are workshop related to menstruation but that is also only for girls. There is no such workshop or classes to teach this topic. My parents never told me about this,” said Palak Shrinivas, Student at B M English School, Bangalore.

Many parents say that the society is changing and the family should openly talk about sex and teach their child about it before they get the wrong information from the other sources like internet.

“Sex education is not a topic to discuss. In our school, teachers never taught us about this. Sometime we talk about this with friends. Many students don’t know about this topic,” said Jiya Reddy, student of government girls’ high school, Malleshwaram.

Doctors say that the misinformation about sexual intercourse creates many problems among children like pregnancy among teenagers, sexually transmitted disease and infection.

“No such workshop related to sex education happened in our school. We give information about menstrual cycle to girls but not any information related to sex. I think now days, society is changing and we as a school have to adapt. Teachers can give knowledge about different things to students. People still do not talk about this topic openly. We will try to conduct workshop related to this topic,” said Santosh, English teacher of government girls’ high school.

NGOs who work for all these issues examined that sex education in schools doesn’t means to encourage kids to have sex. It is the only initiative by different organizations to provide the correct information about sex and pros and cons of having sexual intercourse. “We basically conduct workshops related to gender equality, sex education, child abuse and many more related to that. Many schools do not teach sex education in schools. As per the survey, what survey? Need details.  50 per cent of teenagers in the country are having sexual relations before the age of 18 which leads to many problems in their life. Students take the information from the internet and implement that in their lives without knowing the full details of the topic. Parents do not talk about it, teachers do not talk about it that why many teenagers between the age of 12-17 are involved in sexual intercourse without the knowledge of it,” said Ridhi Gowda, Enfold India, Ngo.

Students think that schools are the only place to get correct information about the topic like sexual intercourse. Many people who filed a petition in say that every government and private school should make sex education mandatory as a part of their curriculum.



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