Special Olympic Bharat Struggles due to lack of funds

Published on February 28, 2019 by

Many people who are suffering from Down’s syndrome and intellectual disability failed to come up for Special Olympics due to the non-supportive government

“I am a cyclist. I cycle for five kilometers each day. My trainer comes at evening and teaches me every day and prepares me for competition.” said Om Pura Kumar, a player representing India in Special Olympics in cycling.

The government of India recognizes special Olympic Bharat as a national sports federation for the development of sports opportunity for the people.

Down’s syndrome players participate in Swimming and skating. Students that are suffering from Intellectual disability participate in weight lifting and cycling.

“We approach actors or businessman for funds; we need it for the special children who are interested in various sports like Badminton, Football, etc. We have approached individuals of Bangalore to raise funds for the students. Today we have conducted the event to push up their energy as they are going for international competition. For the Ram-mandir ground which is government ground, we had to pay two thousand six hundred and one rupees and I have the bill. Since many years I had struggled to raise funds. We conduct events in every two months were the people across the state who are suffering from down syndrome and intellectual disability participate and showcase their different talent. To conduct the event we at least need a minimum amount because we arrange coaches, we play music; we traveling it. There is no support.” said Kamudha Srinivasan, director of Olympic Bharat, Karnataka.

More than eight hundred athletes from Special Olympics Bharat have participated in eight world summer games and five world winter games till 2015.

As I went to government sports department for help, they couldn’t recognize if, there is something called the Special Olympics committee to support special players.

“My daughter is going to represent India; I think state government should support and promote them.  I spend around fifteen thousand rupees for her gym, trainers, travelling per month to prepare her for Special Olympics.  I think the government is not helping when it comes to working for the special children” Arun Kumar, father of Archana who is the swimming player representing India in Special Olympics.

Many families are not financially stable to pay for the fees of coaches.

“As a teacher for special children, many players cannot afford trainers, teachers, and equipment are left despite having enough talent in terms of improving,” said Bharathi, a teacher for special children, Mangalore.

Down syndrome and intellectual disability have not limited their dreams. They try hard and struggle on daily basis to represent India in Special Olympics.



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