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Published on September 9, 2019 by

Street vendors near Russell market have not received their vending license due to the delay in forming the street vendors’ committee.

There are around 80-100 street hawkers in the Russell market area of which almost half do not have licences.

Mohammad Arif who has been a street vendor for 10 years says, “We work on this platform itself beside the roads and haven’t received license yet”.

BBMP guidelines state that all street vendors must have a license that costs Rs.200-500 to apply for.

The vendors association of the Russell market says “Those who apply for the license it take 9-12 months approximately to receive it. These days it’s getting more delayed”.

The welfare department recently conducted a survey of street vendors and provided them with id-cards. They also claimed that the distribution of licenses and identification of vendors depend on their vending zones.

The BBMP health inspector of Shivajinagar, Mr.V.Venkatesh said, “Some of the street vendors got license remaining vendors is doing business without the license, the rest license will be issued soon.”

The Community Affairs Officer said that street vendors have been divided into vending zones based on the survey and will be provided with ID-cards. It will also set up a Street vendors Committee soon and provide them with the schedules vending zone and time.

Activists say there are numerous street vendors across the city who cannot be driven out and asked to scrap their business as they too have the right to earn a livelihood.

Adv. Jameema Jain, Senior advocate at city civil court Mayo Hall, stated, “The street vendor also earn a livelihood hence they must be provided with a particular place by the government where they can do their business and earn butter and better for themselves this will be good for all”.


While the street vending committees are still to be formed, vendors are waiting for the process to become easier.

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