Summer temperature helps mushrooms to grow better

Published on April 8, 2019 by

Increase in temperature helps mushroom farmers to get better yields. Yields in summer are 60
per cent more this season as compared to the previous seasons.

Mushroom farms have the optimal yield when temperatures are between 29 and 36 degrees
Celsius. This year summer’s temperature is very suitable for mushrooms.

“With the same quantity of seeds, I am able to produce more mushrooms during summer. I
grow milky mushrooms, they grow better in summer. ” said Keerthy S, mushroom farmer.

“Among Oyster, Button and Milky mushrooms. Milky mushrooms grow better in these
temperatures,” said Dr. R. P. Tiwari, mushroom cultivation expert, Ex-director of horticulture

“Some mushrooms grow better in natural high temperature. Temperature maintained using
heaters does not get distributed uniformly in the farm. Summer is more suitable to grow
mushrooms compared other seasons.” said Dinesh R, microbiologist from science farmers lab. If
this is the name of the lab, please cap.

Mushroom farmers have to spend money on heaters and steam generators during other
seasons to maintain the temperature, but this year they have spent less money on heaters and
steam generators due to high temperatures.
“Milky mushrooms grow better during this time. Once upon a time only two tons of mushrooms
were consumed. Now people consume up to 18 tons of mushrooms per day.” said Dr. Tiwari


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