Take Supplements, Go bald

Published on April 10, 2019 by

Fitness freaks’ desire for a chiseled outlook, leads them to supplements.

Fitness trainers say protein supplements are in high demand in the fitness market as people want to
achieve a toned look within a short span of time. Most supplement incomplete sentence.
“People these days have become fitness conscious. Gyms and fitness centres are seeing an
increased demand. Around 95 percent people who visit the gym are into taking body
supplements for a faster transformation,” said Raj M., a fitness trainer.

Gym trainers say that people who take supplements are under peer pressure and usually lack
knowledge of what to take which could be harmful and have side effects. “When I started going to
the gym I started using body supplements as most of them I knew were taking them. I soon noticed
that I had heavy hair fall. The doctor suggested stopping any kind of supplements. After I stopped
them I could see the difference,” said Ankush T., supplement consumer.
Doctors say that before taking any supplements consultation is a must to ensure no side effects. “As
suggested by the gym trainer I took body supplements to have a faster body transformation. The
suggested supplement didn’t suit me so I changed to another type,” said Abhishek B., supplement

Nutrition supplement shop owners said an increased demand for fitness has added for an increased
intake of body supplements. “Since two years the market for nutrition supplements has seen an
increased demand. Around 40 percent increase is seen in demand,” Mohammad Mosain, owner of
Nutrition Nation.

Nutritionists say that the number of people coming for consultation for intake of body supplements
has gone up. “People desiring weight loss and muscle development come for consultation quite
often. Supplements taken shouldn’t have added artificial sweetness and flavours,” said Dipthi S.
Nutritionist at Jayadev Hospital. She said the intake of body supplements with lack of awareness will
lead to health risks.


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