Teachers transferred to rural areas are unhappy with postings

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Government school teachers transferred to rural areas are unhappy with their new postings. They have requested the government to review the list as they claim it does not follow the protocol and rules of transfer.

A large number of teachers have complained regarding transfers and transfer lists released by the government. Teachers welfare association Secretary Mr. P.K Chandrakanth and others filed a petition in the High court of Karnataka on behalf of teachers being transferred to rural areas.

They claim that teachers from urban government schools are transferred to rural schools after a delay of 3 years, while teachers who have completed service in rural areas are again transferred back to rural areas. The teachers are demanding their documents be rechecked.

Mrs. Veena.M.Naik, Headmistress of a government school, says, “We were appointed to rural at beginning of our service, I have served for 13 years in rural at after applying many times I was transferred to the city. Now I have completed 10 years in the city and again they are transferring back to rural, the government should recheck the list and update the new list considering their past service completed in rural areas”.

According to the 2007 ACT for teachers, they can’t be transferred if they have completed service in rural areas, the priority of transfers should be given to only non-transferred teachers in urban areas. DDPI of South Bangalore, Mr. S. Rajendra said, “We have re-checked the list so there was a delay, final list with the change of names is updated on 16 September 2019 on the official website. www.schooleducation.kar.nic.in.

Educationist Dr. Upkari Rani said, “The list released by the government is unfair to teachers, government should recheck with all old documents and take a fair decision in adding up of names of teachers who are not transferred since their first appointment from cities and should not be biased in appointments”.

The Final list has been updated, in spite of court order issued to the education board. High Court of Karnataka judges L. Narayana Swamy and R. Devadas has ordered The Education Department of Karnataka to follow the 2007 act for transfers and not to transfer till re-counseling is initiated for teachers.


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