The woes of No- Detention policy

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The students passing with no detention policy lack proper knowledge and learning. Students are promoted to the next class and not failed till the age of 14 years. The teachers say that the students are not able to do well in the higher classes due to this.

Rekha Jalan, Teacher of Udayan Education higher Primary School says,” Children are not capable of writing public examination for which it’s an immense pressure for us to give an extra remedial classes so that they pass with an average percentage. It also creates low morale for the intelligent students who do not get the opportunity.Due to this policy; the score for class 10 students fell below 40% last year, leading to an underperforming academic result.”

The records of the school shows, numbers of students held back in  class 11th as they are not capable of writing the public exams. The teachers find it difficult because they have to somehow promote all the students as per the guidelines. The policy also includes re-examination of the students if they fail.

Rishika, a student , says” Many of us are facing problems with the idea of giving public examination in class7. But it is a good idea to give examination because it helps us to pass SLC examination. Many of us have this in mind that we will get promoted so we do not get much stressed.”

The improper grading system leads to lack of knowledge in the students at school. The education department made this policy to provide education without damaging the morale and self-esteem of the students by reducing the social stain associated with failure.

The Educationist name? says,” There should be fear among the students to know about the subject-to read , study and aim where the detention policy is making them to stay out of focus in academics, giving them an opportunity to go ahead.

A pass percentage is required for the students to get a clear idea of their subject. Better infrastructure is required and teaching methods need to be changed for any education policy to become a success. It is meant to bring a certain quality of education system that reduces failure among students.

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