Toxic Foam in the Kaggadasapura Lake

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The toxic foam created by Kaggadasapura Lake is entering into the houses of residents. It causes skin allergies to the residents near the lake.

Bangalore, 29 August 2019, 10.00 PM

Bengaluru:  One of the residents had a skin problem because of the water in the lake. The toxic foam cause infections such as itching, reddishness in the skin and it causes breathing problems also. Due to the pollution of this lake groundwater and the atmosphere of the entire area contains the foul smell. At present this lake is full of water hyacinth and a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The inflow of domestic and industrial effluents including sewage water into the lake causing the formation of heavy foam. Apart from sewage water is flowing through the lake, people started dumping waste into it and it is also another reason for the pollution of the lake.

Foaming is caused by a high concentration of chemicals like nitrogen and phosphorus, which are present in humans and other household wastes, detergents, and industrial effluents. The domestic sewage water creating health hazards like breathing difficulty, skin irritation among the residents of the area.

M.Ramachandran, a resident near the Kaggadasapuralake said that he gave complaints since 2006 to BBMP to clean the lake and he has a collection of documents of replies from BBMP. industrial effluent is coming from the KR Puram side and that is polluting the lake.  Due to chemical activities metals in his households also getting oxidized, he added.

After the many complaints from the residents of Kaggadasapura main, Jaganath Rao, Deputy Conservator of Forest and Lake said that BBMP and Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority (KLCDA) are planning to spend Rupees 13 crore on the rejuvenation project of the lake. BBMP provided 2.5 acres of land which belongs to the Kaggadasapuralake to BWSSB for the sewage treatment plant.

The Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority Act 2014 enacted to provide the prevention; and control of water pollution and to maintain or restore the wholesomeness of water in the country. Those who are not following the law, then they should be punished under this Act with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than 3 years to 5 years and with a fine with not less than a ten thousand to twenty thousand rupees.

Dr Varna Naidu M, Dermatologist says that sewage water contains bacterial and fungal elements, from unhygienic conditions it penetrates the skin and causes skin infection.

The toxic foam created in the lake is very unusual. People are started dumping waste into it and now the condition of the lake is getting worse day by day.


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