Two Students from Sudan get arrested in Yelahanka

Published on November 25, 2019 by

Momia Abraham and Ahmed Mohammad are Sudani Students study in a college in Bangalore. On 21 November they involved in a fistfight with Manikanta local residents of Yelahanka. The fight started after a minor accident. Later accused came with more students and harassed the victim.  The Yelahanka Police has registered the complaint against the two Sudani students over the complaint of locals. At evening police granted the bails to students.

The fight between locals and foreign students is not new. Now and then the police get a similar complaint.

Yelahanka Police Inspector says” Two foreign college students get involved in a fight with people.  Police took action and arrested the students. Initially, police arrested them but later granted them bail as it was a bailable offense.”

Students from African countries leave in Yelahanka. There are many colleges in the area where the number of African students is significantly good. Sometimes these students face discrimination from locals. Often these students are treated as criminal by local people

Montaser Mohammad Adam, General Secretary of International Students Association says. “ Sometimes foreign students are looked with suspicion. These students are here for study but sometimes people treat them as a criminal. It is the duty of authorities to make such laws so that no foreign students face any kind of discrimination.”

As per all India surveys for Higher education, Sudan is the third biggest source of foreign students. These students are contributing to the GDP of India.


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