Unavailable BMTC services.

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Unavailable BMTC services


BBMP cancels routes without warning, inconveniencing commuters

Rahul Padman

Bengaluru,– 15th October 2019


The bus service that operates along Avalahalli, Lalbag West Gate towards Shivaji Nagar is often canceled without notice, leaving unsuspecting commuters stranded.


Anjali, a college student says that Bus Number 37 a-b-e used to pass through this route but has stopped suddenly.  She faces difficulty in reaching her college at Lalbagh on time. Another student, Lakshmamma complained that she has to wait for two hours for the bus to arrive which is very difficult for her.   She says that during the off-peak hours, the frequency of the bus service drops drastically.


The PRO of BMTC, Deepak N, commented that the routes are scheduled and rescheduled based on the generation of revenue from the public bus service.  The bus service is also changed with extra locations added to the routes according to the demand experienced.  He added that these changes are implemented after a survey is conducted by the field officers.  BMTC says that the possibilities for rescheduling are rechecked after deploying test routes to locations that existed earlier.


Sandeep Aniruddhan, an expert explained that BMTC needs to consider the needs of the common public and not focus entirely on a profit-oriented module to operate the public transportation that many members of the public solely depend upon for their daily life and livelihood.

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