Unsolved theft cases piled up, solving rates drops to 24%

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Rates of thefts solved have dropped to 24 percent in 2019 from 36 percent in 2018. Everyday new cases of mobile, motor vehicles etc thefts are being reported and the files are just piling up.

For the first eight months this year, Bangalore police stations have witnessed about 6,068 cases of thefts of which only 1,622 cases are solved according to the new City Crime Bureau report. In 2018, the number of theft cases was 10,964.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, B. Ramesh says that, “Within the resources & technology available we are trying to do our best. Because of other works & managing law & order we are not able to completely focus on solving these crimes.”

Under the theft category, the most registered cases are of Motor Vehicle theft. In this category 3,248 cases were reported in Bangalore out of which only 603 cases are solved till date.

Venkatesh, a resident of Bangalore had his bike stolen from his house. He said, “I worked at the airport last year. My bike got stolen. It was worth almost Rs. 23,000. I had registered the case, but nothing has been done by the police yet.”

According to Section 379 of IPC the punishment is three years of jail or Rs. 25,000 fine as per the manner of the theft.

The Assistant commissioner of police, Shiva Prasad said, “Cases are being reported and then they are detected. Teenagers involved in the thefts are being rehabilitated. Search operations for theft are going on. You’ll see that there are no more such offenses further in the future.”

To tackle the theft cases police is doing various things as per the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime. He said, “The police for now is working on setting their own 100-150 cameras in every area. Traffic CCTV cameras are also being installed. The police patrolling system is also being increased to prevent these theft cases.”

While the police is finding new ways to tackle with theft, Ajay Kumar Singh, Former DG suggests that “improved training and an increase in manpower can be a solution”

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