Unused and broken subways of the city

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Bangalore: The subways in the city were built around 7-8 years ago by the BBMP but most of them serve no purpose as they remain unused.

The subways were meant to offer the pedestrians a safe passage to cross the roads during peak traffic hours. But a visit to these subways reveals that they are not fit for use at all.

“As a citizen, I would like the government to fix the subways because the traffic is too much and the subways would really help us to cross the roads safely. Also, it can be a great shelter for times when it rains”, said Anirban, a resident of Bangalore.

The BBMP officials claimed that they would start working on the renovation of the broken subways once they are allocated their budget. But there was no comment on the current condition of the subways.

Suresh, public relations officer of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike commented, “We will be allocated budget for this and then the renovation work of subways will start from January next year”.

Other than the subways being unclean and locked, citizens have also complained that it has become a crime hub.

Expert’s belief that the entire purpose of a subway is to ensure that citizens are able to cross roads safely and all issues pertaining to its infrastructure boils down to how we plan a city.

Mr. Anil Bhaskaran, an urban planner added, “As it is a closed corridor, people don’t feel safe and don’t maintain it very well. If it is an open subway with all-natural elements coupled with landscape then it would not look like a subway and people will use it more.” He blamed the failure of subways on bad city planning.

There are a few subways in the city that are in working condition but all of them need to be renovated to serve the citizens.

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