Upsurge in cases of Animal abandonment, in Bengaluru

Published on March 31, 2021 by

Most of the Animal Shelter across Bengaluru sees increase in cases of animal abandonment.

Bangalore- The cases of abandonment of animals have increased. Rescuers say that breeders are the main reason behind the increasing cases of abandonment. Everyday the animal shelters are getting call regarding the increasing animal cruelty cases. The breeders and owners are leaving animals on the streets or sometime outside the animal shelter when the animals are of no use.

Toni Freer , founder of Haven from Animal welfare trust says, “There were abandonment cases, we have seen 25 percent increase in our Animal Shelter. Mainly, because the family could not take care of them  or some people just locked their house and went away.”

Also, Deepak V, Animal care Manager,from Charlie’s Animal Rescue centre says, “We have seen a huge rise in abandonment cases from the last few months. As people thought, they can contract covid-19 from dogs that’s when the cases of abandonment increased in the city.”

Rescuers say they have started taking initiative and programs to make citizens aware about the animal right. Rescuers also hope for a better future of animal conditions across the country.

After getting abandonment on the streets , the animal goes through trauma and depression. Veterinary, Dr. Harshita says, “Since the dogs have stayed most of their lives indoors , abandonment leads to depression in them. We have received many breeders discard cases also , where dogs are in trauma and it gets difficult for us to gain their trust.The appetite also goes down and there is a high risk of them catching disease or infection.”


The adoption rate has not yet matched the number of dogs lying abandoned in shelters. The animals deserve compassion and deserve to be a part of our lives. Animal right activist Medhavi Mishra says, “The solution is correcting these three problems. The law problem is going to be sorted soon, as they have presented a strict penalty and jail term of five  years if you commit crime against them, the police will automatically be aware when the law will be implemented and an awareness campaign for the normal public is needed.”


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