Use of bad construction material leads to bad roads

Published on April 12, 2019 by

People said negligence from authorities has caused them problems

With the use of bad construction material, there are many roads in the city which are being damaged despite regular tarring. The commuters face trouble because of the same as they have no other option rather than travelling through these roads.

Pranita.G a commuter said “I travel to work every day. The roads in Bangalore are in a pathetic condition. If the construction material used is bad, then the way the roads are structured will also be bad. There should be some solution to this problem.”

Not just roads, there were many buildings that collapsed due to the bad construction material. People said that, it’s the ignorance from the authorities of not looking into the flaws of the construction. Vikram, a resident said “I am in Bangalore since three years. I travel everyday to work from Kudlu gate to Yemlur road, the Kudlu gate area is in a pathetic condition, the authorities don’t take any proper action for the same.”

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagire Palike officials said that, the thickness of tar should be around 50 mm or 40 mm. The roads with lesser thickness will be in a bad shape. Most of the roads are in the areas of Mahdevpura zone, Bannerghatta road, Kudlu gate and other places. The contractors say that they try giving the best materials possible to the people who are the in charge of building roads and buildings.

Experts said that, a strict vigilance of the usage of materials should be done to keep in check the way roads and buildings are built. M.N. Sreehari, road expert, said, “With the usage of bad construction material, the roads get damaged frequently. To avoid bad construction, there is a lot of technology available, there are knowledgeable people. The entire money given should be utilised properly, the road construction will be good and will have a long life too.”

Avoiding bad construction material will be beneficial to both the people and the authorities as they can avoid frequent tarring of roads.


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