Veganism gaining popularity post- pandemic, in Bengaluru

Published on March 31, 2021 by

The idea of veganism is increasing in Bengaluru, post pandemic.

The social media has also played a major big role, to make people aware about veganism because of which it is increasingly being embraced. And  citizens have become more aware of the food production system and from where they get the food supplies.

The Vegan cafes across Bengaluru see increase in demand post-pandemic. Ajit Singh ,Owner of Yogisthaan Cafe says “Pre- Pandemic the vegan percentage at our cafe was around five to six percent .There has been a huge increase in vegan food serving. Post lockdown it increased by 15 percent. Also the people who come along with vegan people end up eating vegan food. As it is lighter than our other food items.”

Most restaurants has also started online vegan food delivery services. And also, several communities have been started in Bengaluru to spread awareness and educate people about veganism in the city. S Diksha, Owner of Ditto Ice cream Vegan Cafe says, “There has been increase in number of customers post pandemic in our cafe. After lockdown we saw 50 percent increase in our business, as we believe more people has shifted to vegan diet.”

According to the National Family Health Survey , in year 2020 the total number of vegans in India was approximately 5 million. Every person who goes vegan spares nearly 200 animals a year daily suffering and a terrifying death, says PETA India. Many retail companies have also started producing and selling vegan food items at reasonable price in India.

Vegan Outreach India , India Campaigns and Social Media Manager Bhavya Vatrapu says, “In India people moving to plant based diet are increasing . Even nutritionist believe that vegans have lower rate of high BP, cancer significantly lower cholesterol etc. Becoming part of vegan community an individual can save life of other animal and live a healthy lifestyle.”

Nutritionist Suchitra Sengupta says, “ Vegans are at reduced risk of illnesses. The vegan diets are very high in anti-oxidants and if you see separately fish, chicken, meat all are not high in anti-oxidants. They are high in protein no doubt, but still plant based diet are much more beneficial. The vegans have deficiency of Vitamin B12, but that can be cure with proper guidance and medication.”

Vegan cafe’s are getting popularity. Every lifestyle has it’s pros and cons , but experts suggest veganism is still a better choice if one wants to continue.



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