Walking in the city may not be safe

Published on February 4, 2019 by

Pedestrians account for 44% of death in road accident 

Increase in the pedestrian death toll in road accidents compared to 2015 NIMHANS report which shows 37 per cent.

“No proper walking space or footpath is covered by garbage or broken. It is very difficult to walk on the road as there is already a lot of traffic. Well, my brother who was walking on the cotton pet, a car came from behind and hit him. Then he lost his leg now he can only travel with support or use the wheelchair.” said Vinod Kumar, Trader.

According to NIHMANS, The number has increased to 15% compared to last year.

“In respect to pedestrian, they are least protected than all. A person is moving in the vehicle have some gadgets to protect but that’s not the case with the pedestrian. Some construction work, traffic and broken footpath are mainly being a reason for it. Pedestrian is majorly affected when there is a road accident. The reasons are construction, Garbage on the footpath, Contaminated water surrounded all over, Broken footpath.” said Dr Arvind Kumar, Research executive of NIMHANS( National Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience)

In the last three months, more than a hundred pedestrians met with an accident and were maimed. Enable India supports the victim by giving those wheelchairs.

“Monthly, there are many people who come for help, some people leg has broken so they can’t walk, some people hand has injured completely. Every day we see pedestrian are majorly affected. 20 % increases month by month where pedestrian met an accident and come up for help.” said Surendra Kumar, Manager of Enable India –NGO

Not many roads have well-managed footpaths as a result pedestrians walk on the road, making them more prone to accidents.



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