Anganwadi workers gets less pay

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The Anganwadi workers of Gangavathi taluk are facing problems related to payments.

Srijita Sen

19th November, 7:37

Bangalore: These Anganwadi workers get their payments in instalment, which pushes them towards the face of adversity. Sometimes, they go 3-4 months at a stretch without pay.

Anganwadi worker Dilshaat Begum said, “Our salary is just 8000 and it’s not enough. On top of that, it is not coming regularly due to the budget getting delayed from the central government. I am a sugar patient and I could buy my medicines only when I got paid after 3 months. We have children, we have to take care of their education, pay their fees. “A visit to the anganwadis of the taluk also revealed the sorry state of their infrastructure.”

60% of their payment comes from the center and 40% from the state.

“Problem happens at those times when there is a delay of grant release from the government. Otherwise, it happens regularly. The payment and billing are done online”, commented Gangappa, CDPO of Gangavathi taluk.

When asked about it, the municipal elected member expressed his dismay over the delay, saying that the government does all the huge payment but in this case, they are lagging behind.

However, the social workers of the taluk contribute in whatever way possible.

Naseema, a social worker tries to look after the well being of the Anganwadi workers. “We have made a joint account for them from where they get vegetables, spices, eggs, etc, but the problem remains anyway”.

The Anganwadi workers get a mere payment of Rs. 8000 and a delay in that make things more difficult for them.

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