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KanpurTechnical glitches in the COWIN app are on a rise amidst the vaccination drive for 18+ Kanpur. People are panicking since there is a possibility that there won’t be any more and the doses might get over. They also state that there is no forum available to put their complaints across.

“I went to the PHC, where I was told that there are no slots available in my name despite the fact that I had registered on the app”, says Shubham Sen who registered thrice on the app but on reached the health centre was told that no slot for him was available.

People are in a state of worry since the slots are getting booked rapidly, even amidst the glitches. The officials at the public health centres on the other hand say that the issue is with the app. “We witness 10 cases such as this on an average, daily. Because of the repeated glitches, there is overcrowding and people are disturbed because of this”, says Kanchan Yadav, a health worker who has been assigned for the vaccination drive. She says that often because of these discrepancies, people also engage in unruly behaviour.

The officials from Kanpur Municipal Corporation state that they have acknowledged the problem and it has been taken to the portal director of the COWIN app and that it will be resolved soon. “Yes, we know about these glitches. We understand why people are panicking. Be rest assured that this problem will be solved soon” says Akshay Tripathi, Medical Supervisor at Kanpur Municipal Corporation.


The people on the other hand await a fast solution to avoid the issue of vaccine shortage amongst other uncertainties.

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