No drainage systems add to the woes of Sindagi Taluk.

Published on November 26, 2019 by

Residents of the Sindagi taluk are troubled by the stinky water running down to the Kaccha roads.

They also complain of having no drainage system in place to solve their woes.

Mohammad Khan, a resident of Sindagi taluk, said, “We do not have drainage outlets thus the water comes down to the road and due to this there is a spread of malaria too. The children here suffer the most.”

No drainage outlets make the water from the household to come down to the road and make stagnant pools which not only have a foul smell but also make commuting for the people difficult. According to the report by WHO on drainage, Household wastewater may also contain pathogens that can pollute groundwater sources, increasing the risk of diseases such as typhoid and cholera, and may increase the likelihood of contracting worm infections from soil contaminated by feces.

Sayyed Ahmed, Municipal chief of Sindagi taluk, said that “The drainage outlets are to be made before the village is set up. Since this has not been done, the drainage systems are not made. They need to get land conversion permission post which it will be made available.”

Expert in urban planning, Mr. Srinivas clarifies the misconceptions people have related to the drainage and suggests ways to handle it. He also said, “People have a lot of misconceptions about the drainage systems. The purpose of the drainage is to capture the rainwater and get it collected to a pond or basically into the ground. The other one is the sewage and sanitation one, the technology has improved so much now that the rural areas can do so much more work, Swachh Bharat and other things have ended up building toilets but there is nothing done in building drainage networks. Rural areas also have agriculture in them thus this sewage management system can have a very positive impact on the rural agricultural systems as well. I think in my mind rural development was never prioritized even though it is very important.”

The expert added that decentralization is the most important thing. The rural authority must figure out what works for them then should design it accordingly.


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