No financial aid given to disabled people for 17 months

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Disabled people in Raichur, Sirwar have not received financial aid for the last 17 months, even after numerous people have complained to the revenue department.
The disabled people of Sirwar, who qualify for Karnataka State Schemes for the disabled have not been getting financial aid for 17 months. Karnataka has a scheme of assistance to help disabled persons to purchase aids and appliances.
According to the 2011 census, Karnataka has 13.24 lakh disabled people who have qualified under this scheme. The disability pension is administered by the revenue department of Karnataka and is given on a monthly up stipend. There are two classes of payment one is given to the individuals who have an inability beneath 75 % and are given Rs 400 every month. Those people with incapacities who have above 75% handicap are given Rs 1000 every month. This is a combination of the Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme.
A resident of Sirwar, Mr. Khaja Muddin, who suffers from above 75% disability, said, “It’s been more than 17 months but have not received my financial aid, whenever I go to the revenue department they tell me-you will get it from next month. We are facing a lot of problems even to buy medicines.”
Whereas Ms. Shruti the Tahsildar of Sirwar says, “The pension delayed because of Aadhar Card linking to the pension bank account but it will be sorted soon once Aadhar Card linking is done.”
The pension lawyer Narasimhappa says, “Revenue department should give amount directly in bank account rather than giving it through postman”. He even mentioned the main reason for people not getting their financial aid in rural Karnataka is the communication gap between people and the department even after aadhar card linking of the account lead to the delay of financial aid.

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