No proper utilities in the anganwadis of Gangavathi

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The anganwadis of Gangavathi lack proper utilities for children and infrastructure.

The children in the anganwadi of Gangavathi lack adequate facilities. These children do not have proper utilities and space to play around. There are 35 wards in Gangavathi and there are only 14 properly constructed anganwadis out of 105. The surroundings of the anganwadi are full of pigs, sewage water and no electricity. “The situation of anganwadis is very bad. The kids do not have a proper place to sleep. The government is also not doing anything about it, said Mr. Ajay Kumar, social worker.

There is no playground, playing types of equipment and proper toilets for the children. “This is a universal problem. Especially in urban areas we don’t have sites, we do not have support from other departments like urban department. These are all the problems we are facing. We need more spaces for anganwadis but there is no space for anganwadis but there is no scope for support”, said PDO, Gangavathi. He also said 30 anganwadis face a problem for suitable sites for the construction of anganwadis.

The anganwadis have tiny rooms and pay a rent of Rs. 1000 every month. Midday meals are also not provided on a regular basis. Due to such reason parents refuse to send their children to anganwadis. “Many of the anganwadis are not given proper resources to create a healthy environment for the kids that they are supposed to take care off. There are funds for anganwadis. They get crores of rupees and if some anganwadis do not have funds then there is an operational issue. There is a funding allocation problem, said, Mr. Srinivas K, Urban planner. There is a long way to go for the development of the anganwadis in Gangavathi.

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