Villagers suffer from rashes due to polluted Byramangala lake

Published on February 5, 2019 by

Residents of villages like Bannigiri, Chowkahalli, and Byramangala are suffering from various skin diseases like rashes, allergies and many more.

Villages like Bannigiri, Chowkahalli, and Byramangala are very close to Byramangala lake. The polluted water of Byramangala Lake which they use in household activities is causing various skin diseases to them. Anita, a resident of Bannigiri says “We all have rashes all over our body. All these black spots on our bodies are because of the water. Water quality is very bad, It has acid and chemicals in it. We can’t drink this water. Our nails have turned yellow because of the water.”

Villagers use filtered water for drinking but for other activities like washing clothes, and utensils they use the lake water. Everyone goes to Byramangala General Hospital where they get treated. Officer In- charge of Byramangala General hospital, Dr. Raju said “Everyday we see 60-70 people who have some kind of skin disease or any other health issues. Most of them come with skin allergies, psoriasis. Actually, the water that they use is very much contaminated.”

There are so many factories around the area who release their waste directly into the water body. Karnataka State Pollution Control board says that “The board will monitor the water pollutants.”

Dr. Yellappa Reddy, who is an environmentalist talks about the problems the villagers face and says “The entire Byramangala Lake is filled with toxic substances. Every house is suffering from more than three to five chronic diseases. The government is not interested as they are only interested to help and promote the industries.”

Villagers are suffering from various skin diseases but they can’t avoid direct contact with the water.



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