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Citizens file RTIs on steel flyover


Description: The proposed steel flyover in the city and lack of transparency regarding it has generated strong dissent from citizens, while the government is refusing to reconsider its decision. Our reporter Abhilash Mariswamy says that several RTI’s have been filed seeking feasibility reports.


 By Abhilash Mariswamy

Thalassaemia patients worry about shortage of crucial drug


Description- Desferal, an important medical drug used in the treatment of Thalassaemia has been in short supply. This is dangerous for patients who regularly need this medicine to manage their condition.  Our reporter Vishal Chawla explains why this is so.

By Vishal Chawla

Bulletin 5B



BBMP biomethanation plants need more workers


Description- Lack of workers has had a severe impact on the production of biogas in BBMP’s biomethanation plants. Our reporter Siddarth Charkroborty tells us how this impacts generation of electricity.

By Siddharth Chakraborty

Jaywalking fines go up in Bangalore


Description- Around 1000 people have been fined for jaywalking by the Central ,East and West zone Police of Bangalore . Yet, says our reporter Susmita Das, deaths have increased by  three per cent in the city.

By Sushmita Das

People risk lives crossing the road outside Narayana Health City.


Description-  Pedestrians crossing the highway to get to Narayana Health City risk their  lives. Our reporter Keyur Joshi shows us the challenges they face.

By Keyur Joshi


    Description- After the demolition of the bus stop near the Esteem mall, Hebbal, the passengers are waiting on the roads for the bus. Astha Singh relates their difficulties.

    By Astha Singh


    Patient suffer as Victoria Hospital’s burns ward lacks staff


    Description: Victoria Hospital’s burns ward is the only government hospital in Bangalore that can treat cases with 50 percent burns. Lack of adequate staff members in the ward has put the lives of patients at risk, says Aditya Paul.

    By Aditya Paul

Flyover construction delay causes traffic jams


Desciption- Construction of a flyover in Padmanabhnagar is delayed.  Our reporter Pratmesh Mani Tripathi finds out the consequences.

By Prathmesh Mani Tripathi


Story-telling at Cubbon Park Metro enchants commuters



Description- Festival of stories- an event in Cubbon Park, Metro Station has enlivened the travel experience say Dikshita Saika and Sahana M. R.

By - Dikshita Saika and Sahana Ramaswamy

Generic medical store lacks common medicines


Description: Medicines for blood pressure and diabetes are not available in the generic drug store of Basvangudi. Our reporter Kritica Sinha says that patients have to buy expensive branded medicines.

By Kritica Sinha





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