Bad Roads in village of Sirwar taluk poses inconvenience to villagers

Published on November 20, 2019 by

Sirwar: Roads of Murkigudda village of Sirwar taluk are in a pathetic condition. The villagers have complained of inconvenience. They say that they have hardly witnessed four-wheelers on its roads.

Ramesh a villager has said, “Transportation is a problem here. Our village is situated on the hill; therefore commuting is a major issue. Connecting with the city is a major problem here.” Ashwini, another villager says, “Due to pathetic roads, there is no transportation. For getting vegetables, we have to walk down a large distance.”

Om Prakash, the Gram Panchayat official, responded “the Government has provided thirteen to fourteen lakhs for completing the roads. We will take the grants to repair the roads. And we will bring this in order of the MLA.”

Apart from the transportation villagers also travel for 7-10 km for school and pharmacies. Parents don’t feel safe to send their girl child out as they have to travel a lot for catching vehicles. Villagers also informed ambulances do not come here because of bad roads. Many people have died on the way as the ambulance couldn’t reach the village and there is no pharmacy nearby.

Anil Bhaskar, an urban planner says, “There is a problem in the distribution of resources. The funds need to be distributed as much as it is disturbed in urban areas.”He even said the country’s strength lies in the rural.


According to experts, there must be a proper allocation of funds so that good roads can be made. Once funds are properly allocated, and roads are built it will create more job opportunities for people and migrating to the city will get less, even their standard of life will increase.

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